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YouTube Cracks Down on Violent Videos on YouTube Kids

Youtube Video PlatformAmidst what YouTube observed as a “growing trend” of content on the video platform that tries to pass off as “family-friendly” clips even if they are not, the company has tightened its rules governing videos featuring kids and targeted at youngsters.

The company, which is wholly-owned by Google, came out with a blog post on Wednesday about the rule changes.

The blog post was titled “5 ways we’re toughening our approach to protect families on YouTube and YouTube Kids” and was made by Johanna Wright, YouTube’s vice president of product management.

Takedown of Violent Channel

The changes in rules governing content targeting kids come after the company took down “Toy Freaks” channel several days ago.

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“Toy Freaks,” which had 8.5 million subscribers, featured videos of young girls in what seemed like abusive situations, prompting parents and users to complain about the clips and call for the shutdown of the channel.

A spokesperson for YouTube told Mashable that they “take child safety extremely seriously and have clear policies against child endangerment.”

We’ve terminated the Toy Freaks channel for violation of our policies. We will be conducting a broader review of associated content in conjunction with expert Trusted Flaggers.”

Child-Inappropriate Content

The takedown of “Toy Freaks” also followed changes in rules made by YouTube over the content on YouTube Kids.

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Meanwhile, YouTube said the five ways the company is doing to protect families and children from violent videos are:

  • Tougher application of our Community Guidelines and faster enforcement through technology
  • Removing ads from inappropriate videos targeting families
  • Blocking inappropriate comments on videos featuring minors
  • Providing guidance for creators who make family-friendly content
  • Engaging and learning from experts

What’s Next?

What are your thoughts on the changes made by YouTube in its guidelines covering child-focused content? Share them by commenting below.

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