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Move Over, Stress Balls and Slime! Here Comes Zen Magnets

Zen MagnetsStressed at work?

We usually reach for that rubber ball or toy that we’d love to squeeze and feel the stress slowly go away.

There’s also slime and kinetic sand, which can be messy to deal with and clean off your desk.

It can be much of a hassle to clean your desk with the colorful slime.

There’s a new stress-reliever out there, and it’s called Zen Magnets.


The Ensign micromagnets “require more focus, skills, and dedication than the 5mm neoballs because they’re smaller and more difficult to place,” according to the product’s description.

As described by Mashable, the silver orbs are “super tiny yet mesmerizing.”

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It’s pretty easy to get addicted to crushing them together, making them the ultimate stress-relief toy for the office.”

Twice The Challenge

Each of the micromagnets is 2.5 millimeters – half the diameter of Zen Magnets’ standard model – “but twice the challenge.

Mashable said the micromagnets’ high-quality NiCuNi coat “allows them to be sculpted and shaped in all sorts of ways, then mashed together for a truly satisfying smush.”

A micromagnet set comes with a magnetic field viewing card so the user “can manipulate them in all sorts of fascinating ways.”

The micromagnets “won’t pit or wear with reasonable use.”

Triumph Set

There is also a Zen Triumph set.

The Triumph Set can be wrapped, rolled, kneaded and sculpted into 2D and 3D shapes and comes with a 36-page guide.

The micromagnets “are extremely high-grade, making for a surprisingly powerful pull between spheres & other metal objects.”

Sharp eyes, clean fingernails and intense focus are strongly recommended for magnet crafting with these micromagnets.”

Take note that although the micromagnets are non-hazardous, they’re not for children to play.

What’s Next?

Have you tried out the micromagnet sets? If so, give us your comments about the product by commenting below.

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